Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Postpartum & all that entails

Well I have to say postpartum is pretty bad. (If you haven't had children yet you might not want to read this). Sorry, this is a complaint post. First of all the stitches. They are feeling better but for a while I thought "the next time I have to go to the bathroom it just might paralyze me." In a meantime I can't figure out why all these people tell me that "breastfeeding isn't suppose to hurt" yet they also say "it takes a couple of weeks to get used to." It seems obvious that it can be hard on some to breastfeed otherwise why do they have all these support groups and leagues. It seems like its two steps forward and one back with it. I'm almost two weeks in and I'm starting to think that I'd rather pump every two hours day and night but I'm trying to stick it out. On another note on top breastfeeding, I have to give myself shots in the stomach twice a day and it burns and leaves bruises. I'm running out of places to give it. And of course the postpartum blues. Also good days and bad. I know its normal but I'm on the verge of going to the doctor to get on some happy pills. Despite it all it is worth it.

Friday, October 24, 2008

and more pics...

Here's some more pictures of the newest Gerber baby. Sydney is doing great. She had two doctor's appointments this week and between the Tuesday appointment and the Thursday appointment she had gained 3ozs! The nurse had to weigh her again to make sure she had gained that much. Daneen is being a trooper with the whole nursing gig (yet another reason men should be thankful to women for). She appreciated all the nice comments about how good she looked after the delivery but now she'd like to know what everyone thinks.....

Sydney & Sleepy Momma

Big Bro Hard At It

Cutie Pie

Talking To Carson

Sleepy Girl

My Favorite Pic (so far)

Guess that's all for now. Hopefully Daneen will get to feeling better soon so she can let everyone really know what's going on and return some folks phone calls.....


Saturday, October 18, 2008

more pics...

Sydney & Big Bro

Great Grandma Cuca & Sydney

Already helping...

Friday, October 17, 2008



Born: 11:50 pm

Weight: 7lbs 3ozs

Length: 19in

Daneen did awesome!!! She only had to push for like 15 minutes and our little cutie was here. She has the cutest little lips and a full head of thick hair! Mommy and Sydney are doing great!! More pics later...


Well, Daneen had a check up today and the "midwife" sent her to the hospital since the baby didn't want to move. So now, we are here at the hospital just waiting....

Can you tell she's excited???

The doctor broke her water, she's dilated to a 6 (eww, didn't want to say that), and the epidural is on the way. Keep Daneen and the baby in your prayers!!!


Friday, October 10, 2008

Things that make me Happy!

Lately I haven't been entertained as much as I would like to be. Meaning, not enough laughs. And its mostly due to the fact that I am in my last month of pregnancy. aka(think of a word). So I'm trying to focus on things that make me happy and laugh a lot.

1. Happy: I'm a 3-4 (if you know what a mean. Baby is on her way)
2. Laugh: Paul got a Wii fit for his birthday. I love watching him do the hula hoop game. So hilarious.
3. Laugh: SNL has been really fun with all their spoofs on the politics and issues.
4. Happy & Laugh: Today I found this on my nieces blog. Its my nephew Jarom and I think he's awesome along with all my nieces and nephews. By the way did I mention I'm gonna be a Great Aunt. Anyway. It totally made my day. Check it out.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Watch and Learn"

Carson's new saying. I don't know where he picked it up. Anyway I thought I would do a quick update on the whole pregnancy thing and just vent. I'm gonna be 37 weeks and now I have to go to the doctor twice a week for a NST. So pretty much I have to be there an hour and 1/2 every few days. Its irritating. Darn my Leiden Factor 5. This last Tuesday I spoke to much because I ended up with an ultra sound and a Doppler that same day. Paul didn't get to work until almost 3. I was at doctors appts from 8-2. I had told the doctor that the baby didn't seem to be moving as much as usual and that I had leg pain. So of course get the ultrasound and the baby is o.k. thank goodness. They told me she has a ton of hair and she already weighs 6lb 6 oz. Then the Doppler. Well its just like an ultra sound that they do up and down your whole leg to see if you have a blood clot. I had so much of that ultra sound jelly on my legs it was gross. Anyways thats it for now. Paul's grandma is coming next weekend so I'll do my best not to have the baby until then. P.S. I would take a picture of myself to show how big I am but I'm just to depressed about my body right now.