Wednesday, December 3, 2008


You wake up one night tumble out of bed and fall to the floor in excruciating pain. Tears come to your eyes instantly. You've never felt such pain. Your thinking why, what is going on with my body. Standing seems impossible and thoughts float into your mind about never being able to walk or your body breaking. This is what I woke up to Thanksgiving night when I was getting up to feed Sydney. My back went out. Whatever that is suppose to mean. My body didn't work right and I was sobbing crawling to get to the rocking chair so that I could feed her. Paul was doing his best to try and help. I've never felt so vulnerable and helpless. After a chiropractic visit I now have to wear a back brace and use a heating pad. Things that make you feel old.

"I don't feel like Superman anymore."

So heres to the ones who don't feel like Superman anymore. To the ones that are young and feel old and to the ones who are old that feel helpless and weathered. We can only imagine what it feels like to have your body let you down. And all of us will experience that some day. Making everyone aware of those that may need us more than we may want them to. We wish there wasn't any kryptonite.

Monday, December 1, 2008


We had lots of help when Sydney was born. Paul's Grandma and mother both came out. It was so nice to have all the help. We really got spoiled. But a surprise was that my mom got to come out. My siblings decided to watch my dad so that she could come. I'm pretty sure she enjoyed herself.

Her and Sydney liked taking naps together.

She actually played the Wii with us. She was really good at bowling. A little too good. I wonder if she leads a secret life.

Thanks for coming out mom. And thanks to all my siblings for making that possible.
By the way my mother has a new blog.