Friday, November 14, 2008

High Maintenance and Germs!

After five years Paul and I forgot how much work it takes to care for a newborn. We are getting used to it. Hopefully we don't have to wait that long for the next one. If there is another one. :) This last weekend we had a really good time with Paul's family. His parents and grandmother where here. And Andrea and her family came to. Carson had a blast playing with his cousins.
We all made it to church on Sunday. It was the primary program and Carson did so awesome at remembering his lines. Paul and I got all teary eyed when he got up to do his part and didn't need any help.

Well I'm going kinda of crazy because my house isn't nearly as clean as I usually keep it but I just don't have the energy. And of course I'm a snob and I think that there are very few who would do a better job cleaning my house than myself. Paul and I have been such germafobs since Sydney has been born. I'm sure that Carson has been so happy lately because of his blood alcohol level. All due to the Hand Sanitizer. But the Pediatrician freaked us out about RSV season. She told us not to take the baby out until spring. I'm pretty sure I will go crazy. So in our defiance we took her to church on Sunday. Carson is on Germ patrol of course. We walk in and one of the members wants to see the baby and so I show her and then she touches Sydney's hand and Carson says "don't touch the baby you have germs." He is so his parents son.

Now I've tried to figure out why I'm such a clean freak. I wasn't always this extreme. I mostly blame society and some of my sisters and my father. He is an organization freak. I remember looking forward to my parents being gone, when I was in High School, so that I could really organize and clean the house. I always cleaned my room and my bathroom without having to be asked. I loved scrubbing the kitchen floor when I was in elementary school. My mother says she missed me when I left home because then she didn't have me to help her clean anymore. So I have always been this way but I've just got more extreme over time. And I've taken Paul down with me. Sometimes he is worse than I am. But I know I do have supporters. Lani and Diane I know your with me.

Monday, November 3, 2008

On A More Cheerful Note....

We had a ward Halloween party the Saturday before Halloween. Me and Grandma took Carson while Daneen and Sydney got some "alone" time.

Was there any doubt Star Wars would be involved in Carson's costume?

They had dinner and then a quick trunk'r'treat. Then they had a bunch of games for the kids to play. Carson was having a good time getting little prizes and candy. We even got snow cones! But then he got in line for the game where you could win a gold fish. Can I just say I have never seen the kid get so crazy about trying to win a prize. You have to try and toss a ping pong ball into a cup with a fish in it. If you do, you win a fish....obviously. After about three or four tries Carson was in tears over not winning the game. He started yelling and screaming, making a scene and everything. I finally calmed him down and convinced him to keep trying. By this time the party was almost over and there were only like 8 fish left and only like 8 kids still trying to get one so he was pretty much guaranteed a fish. But he finally stepped up to the line and actually tossed a ball into a cup. He was so proud of himself.

Can you see the little thing?

Carson & Mason's Fish

If only we could have had a happy ending...

nope, that's a goldfish....

The funniest part about the whole thing was that when the fish died (less than twenty minutes after we got home from the party), Carson could have cared less. He thought it was cool that we flushed the thing down the toilet, just like Little Nemo. Little boys will be little boys I guess.

Here are some pics of Carson and Sydney on Halloween.

And last but not least, the little old man in his long johns feasting on the spoils of a hard night trick'r'treating.