Saturday, February 23, 2008

Latest and Greatest

First Off do you like the new play list? Does it bring you back to your childhood? We love Sing Star and Paul gave me this for Valentines Day. What a sweetie. So thats what we do on our free time of course. At first I was beating him at most of the songs. Then of course when we put in Sing Star Amped he really shines. On that note we decided to give him a Mohawk to go with the punk side of Paul.

On Valentines Day Me and Carson made cookies. Me and him have such an awesome time together at home. I'll be sad when he goes back to school. But I forgot that I didn't have any Love Day cookie cutters. So here is what they looked like. We had Love trees, love stars, and grab your love hooks (i.e. valentines day candy canes). Oh and don't forget the Valentine stockings. The hearts you see I did them by hand.
When Paul came home we went on our 2nd annual FAMILY Valentines Date Night. Of course we picked chili's, our Favorite . After that we went to Dairy Queen for desert. We were gonna go to the movies but it grew to late. So the next day we all went and watched Spiderwick Chronicles. And we all really liked it.

Then the weekend came and we went fishing. We live right by the lake. Our apartments have their own dock. So we took advantage. Except that dock was locked so we had to jump in the car for a 5 second drive to another part of the lake.

Carson had fun of course playing with sticks pretending to dig for snakes and fight off Sith Lords.

See those apartments in the far off. Thats where we live. Our house is actually one of those that you see. Awesome huh? We are excited.

The first Sunday in our new ward Carson didn't have any trouble leaving his parents behind to go to Primary. As for Paul and I it took us awhile to adjust. Carson has been crazy lately. Yesterday morning he came into my room and said "Mom I have a zip on my chin" He meant zit of course because he sees mine on my face and I always have to explain. One more, yesterday we were watching Animal Cactchers on Animal Planet and that afternoon he came out with his golf club with a rubber snake on it and said he had caught it in his room. He is such a character. Lately he's been obsessed with Legos Star Wars for Playstation. Yes he's got the video game thing down. Thanks to his Father. His world revolves around it. As far as he's concerned we live on Tattooine and he's Luke and we are R2 and C3Po.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy Trails!

Well, we are almost settled into our new place.....finally. The last few days have been a challenge but Daneen has been up to that challenge. The movers packed us up on Thursday and unloaded us at our new apartment on Friday. Can I just say that if you have a garage DON'T TAKE IT FOR GRANTED!!!!! We were not prepared to be garage'less at our new place. We, and by we I mean Daneen, felt a bit overwhelmed with all of our junk/crap/whatever. She has been the one doing most of the unpacking, and doing an great job by the way. But we are making due and the apartment is starting to really feel like home. It's nothing great and it's not as nice as our last place (especially with no garage) but we keep telling ourselves that it is only temporary. After I am done with my training period at work we will look for a permanent spot, or figure out what we are going to do with ourselves in a year or so. Daneen or I will share some pics of the new apartment later, when we get around to taking some I guess.

Here's a little slide show of our last little home

What We Will Miss in Blairsville

On a side note, here is what Carson and I did on one of our last days in Blairsville:

Breaking in a Christmas Present!

Some Off Road Action!!!

Green Goblin not wearing his seat belt

Funny Little Clip

Well, I guess that is about enough for one post. Hopefully we will get back into a routine with the blog now that we are almost all settled in. Hope you all are doing great.