Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Whats Up?

Well Thanksgiving was pretty good. We went to Greensboro, North Carolina to the Sweats house. I was in charge of the mashed potatoes. And can I just tell you that I've never made them before. I called my mom and she just told me to boil the potatoes and mash them with butter and milk and salt. Well, I've never boiled potatoes but they turned out pretty well. Cuca was the only one who cared about my potatoes turning out good so she helped me out. So big props to her. We actually made it to the Raliegh Temple while we were there and got most of our Christmas shopping done. The week mostly consisted of noise, Guitar Hero II, Sing Star, and reading. One of the noises that we didn't want to hear was PSSSSSSS. Our aerobed got a hole in it. But luckily the Sweats had an extra one.
Update on Carson. His personality has changed so much since he started school. Every time I have a T-shirt on that says something he spells it out. He sings around the house all the time. He says the craziest things. One day he told me that he had eaten lizards for lunch. Well I looked at the menu and it was shrimp. He said it was good though. Lately he has been asking me if I want to drink blood. It must be a boy thing. Yesterday was the best.
Carson: We have brains in our heads
Me: I know
Carson: Do they talk to us
Me: Yes. They tell us to eat, sleep, walk and move our arms.
Carson: Do they tell us to shake our booty( this is where he turns around and starts shaking it)
And he can be so sweet at times.
Carson: Mom you wanna play with me?
Me: Oh Carson I have a horrible headache today. And I still need to clean and do laundry.
Carson:How bout I do the laundry for you.
And when we got home he really did help me with the laundry.

Now the the Christmas List (Daneen's Christmas List):These are things that are priceless. a.k.a not material possessions. (that list would be too long)
-a baby
-expert piano playing skills so I can quit humiliating myself on Sundays
-A girlie voice so I can actually sing the primary songs with out bringing the whole primary done an octave.
-Dad to become well again
-More sister time
-No more temper tantrums from anyone
- overcome my OCDs
-Size 10 feet so I can actually find a pair of Womens tennis shoes. I'm tired of having man feet
-More interesting stuff to say on our Blog
-Meet Mike Rowe (from Dirty Jobs)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Holidays and Things

Thanksgiving is almost here and Christmas shortly following. The hardest part is being so far away from family. But right now I'm enjoying myself. Cuca (Paul's Grandma) is here visiting this week. It feels like I haven't eaten so good since I don't know when. My favorite is potatoes and eggs with beans and home made tortillas.

Doesn't this look good

She even made some Oreo balls. MMMM, so good. And of course Carson is loving it. Her and
Carson will just sit and have a conversation. They talk about anything. Its so cute.

Tuckered out from having fun with Cuca

Its cold here. To cold for me. I would give anything just to go outside and have the Arizona sun warm me up. Since its just me and Grandma at home I decided to go check out some puzzles from the library. She talks, sings and tells stories while we do them. We finished a 500 piece and now we are working on a 1000 piece one.

The sky was really hard to do on this one.

Since the shopping season is coming up I have an issue that I would like to discuss. I am so sick of commercials. They portray these "most willing" people to help you out if you want to go eat or shop at a certain store. Well I'm here to tell you its bunk. Ya I would probably have a better time buying a car if the sales person actually looked like they wanted to help you out. And the disappointment I have is never ending. When I order food and it never looks like it does on tv. The worst is when you go to Taco Bell and the beans suck. And one of the worst is the people at the oil Change place. And I love Walmart just as much as the next person but seriously the check out lines are always long and not everyone looks like the like their job. If you don't like your job then quit. I love the one-stop shopping but I can't go to Walmart without being there for at least an hour. They really suck you in.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Questionable Candy

In light of recent events that have occurred, namely Halloween, Daneen and I got to looking through Carson's treasure (aka candy) and came across some very interesting and questionable items. Here are some of the more interesting gems we found:

mmm......jason popsicle.....

My favorite part of the witch....

eyeballs? yeah just dying for some....

Can't beat those healthy treats.
(although I am pretty sure Carson liked this one better than the apple he got)

Our favorite (and grossest) one of all.......the fake brain!!!! We are still building up the courage to try this one.....

So, did anyone come across any interesting treats last week? Let's hear about it.