Monday, March 16, 2009

Gettin Lucky In Kentucky

Allrighty then. It has been forever since we posted anything on here so here is a quick recap of what has happened since the last post. Little Sydney went in for her 4 month appointment in February and the doctor told us her weight was in the bottom 5th percentile for her age. So we were told that the little girl needs to bulk up a bit (probably one of the few times anyone will be told to gain weight). Daneen felt pretty bad and disappointed about the whole thing. Here she thought she had got the whole nursing thing down and then she finds out she was only producing 2 oz's a feeding. So, needless to say we started supplementing her with formula. Sydney hasn't had any real problems with the formula and actually seems more content now throughout the day. Daneen is still nursing too, so at the very least she is getting more than enough now!!

Other then that, let's see, Carson started and finished pee-wee basketball. He enjoyed it. He really picked up the whole dribbling thing. I'm keepin' my fingers crossed that we have the next Steve Nash or Chris Paul on our hands!!! We are currently back up in Kentucky for work. I have been here for a week and the rest of the posse strolled into town on Saturday. We will be here for another week and then we are headed to the AZ for a week. Yeah!!!.....I think....

Anywho, the whole reason for this post was to share some funny video clips we just took at the little cottage we are staying in. Without further ado, here you go (and some more pic's too).

don't take away my apple!!!

carson hoopin' it up

family game night

papa & the babies

cutie patootie

Anyway, that's about it for now. Hope you enjoyed. Hopefully it won't take us this long to put a post up (just don't hold your breath...).