Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Bionic Arm

Sorry for the delay our faithful readers, but life has been busy. Not really. We are just LAZY. As for the update the title speaks for itself. During spring break Carson broke his arm for a third time. At the park no less and his story went as follows: "I was jumping off the monkey bars and a boy with orange hair ran by and bumped into my legs and made me loose my balance." The story has changed many times and of course I always tell it wrong so don't quote me.

This arm was set in the hospital the night it happened and was suppose to stay put and recieve a cast in about a week. He got a full arm cast but it slipped to much and Carson had to get pins in it after he had already got his cast on. Uh! So two months later after three splints and two casts we now have just a brace on. I say the Bionic Arm because it has cost over 10K to fix it. With that kind of money being thrown around he should have a Bionic Arm. As you can tell I'm having a hard time grasping it still.

That's about all that has been going on for the past two months. Oh and to top it off Carson asks, "Can I ride a horse when we go to Texas." With some restraint and curse words going off inside my head. I said "no way." Also last week in Target I caught him trying to trip his sister. He succeeded and I watched the whole thing happen. He tried to deny it and say it was an accident.
Lets just say I was furious. He was lucky we were in a public place. So this is what I told him.
"If you make your sister get a broken arm no one will get any birthday or Christmas presents for a whole year because all our money will have to go to doctor bills." I was serious.

Here are some pics.

The day of the broken arm.

This was the first cast. It was waterproof which was awesome. The second one was orange and not water proof. BOO!

We went to the Portland Zoo for Spring Break and this was the day after his broken arm. He's a trooper....thanks to pain killers.