Monday, July 28, 2008

Is this a vacation or what? Part 2

#4 So after AZ and I'm sure some of my fam was ready for me to leave. A quick thank you to all who let me suck up there air conditioning, drove me places, let us eat their food and watch their TV's.(What does it feel like to be homeless but have a great family?) Anywho, Carson, Paul and I headed up to Utah for Destiny's wedding. Mark and Taylor were to kind to give us a lift. Especially with all the potty breaks. And no not for Carson.

They happy couple.

Carson and Whitney

Carson just got hit by a family member. You gotta be tough to be a Gerber.

Probably our last family photo before Baby sister comes.

We had a birthday bash in Utah also except my birthday wasn't included. No hard feelings. (tear) Carson got hooked up again.

A Birthday present from G&G Gerber.

We took a trip to Vernal and went to the Dinosaur Museum. Carson loved it.

This picture explains itself.

Oh and don't let me fail to mention that Carson is so excited to have a baby sister. This is Caroline, (Andrea's baby) so cute. Carson just loved her. I can tell he'll make a great big brother.

#5 One Las Hoorah
After Utah we had to fly back to Phoenix for 3 days before we flew back to Georgia. So Paul got to see my fam. Which I think is great because some of them probably thought I was lying about still being married. They hadn't seen him for a good year and a 1/2. We had a get together for family home evening. We swam and had a cookout. The food was delicious. And it was awesome because mostly everyone came to see us before we left. Thanks.

These are my notorious parents.
All the girls there.

All the boys

And of course Carson the Fish.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Is this a vacation or what?

So there are about 5 parts that are gonna be about our summer vacation so Ill do them in two posts.
#1 Birthday Bash.
My family is notorious for Birthday Bashes. I think they have about every three months. But I was excited that we were there for this one because the bash included our birthdays. My sister Delora made Carson an awesome Spider Man Cake.

His cousin Zack got one to.

It was an awesome birthday Bash me and Carson got hooked up.

#2 The 4th of July.
So I decided that Carson and i would take a little vacation on our vacation and head up to Winslow to see some old friends and hang out with Aunt Marilyn at her Cabin. But some of my sisters couldn't get enough of me so they decided to come to . We hung out at the Cabin while everyone but me and Seven rode quads.

Carson and Zack

Everyone having fun quading in the rain .

And we got some creek time in. I'm glad nobody died at the creek.
A picture of everyone before we headed to the creek.

But the best part was going to see the fireworks at the stadium. I wasn't feeling the music but overall its always a great fireworks show. I got a little homesick.

#3 Lake Trip of course
I asked my doctor if I could go jet skiing while on vacation. She looked at me like I was an idiot. Hey at least I know now that pregnant people shouldn't go jet skiing or any extreme sport.
But I was a trooper and headed to the lake with my family anyways.
Look how brave Carson is. Not even scared of the fish.

Carson and I just swam and hung out and ate snacks. Carson was braver this year and went on a few rides.

Carson, Uncle Dave, Kaycie and Kaden

Hes not drowning here hes just checking out the fish.

He became a fish when we were in AZ.
I put on his life jacket and hes a fish. He's pretty much obsessed with swimming now that he knows how much fun it is. The next day after the lake Carson and I had a big surprise. Paul wasn't suppose to come in until 8p.m. that night but he showed up that morning at 11:00. My brother-in-law said that he had to go to the bike shop and he wanted to take Carson. Well they were gone quite a while and when they got back he told me that he had bought Carson a small motorcycle. I'm thinking "how in the world am I gonna get this back to Georgia." But we went outside and there was Paul. aka the motorcycle. Anyway more later.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Man I Am Excited!!!

Tomorrow is the big day!!! I get to see Daneen and Carson finally!!!! Let me just say, when your day consists of coming home to those two and then you go without seeing them for over a month, you start going through withdrawals. I’m surprised I survived this long without them. So with that in mind, here are some pic’s of my two favorite people and some random pictures from before they went on their hiatus to AZ.

We got to take in a Braves game with my parents on Memorial Day. We grew up Braves fans, thanks to TBS, so it is always really cool to get to see them play in person especially with GiGi & Grandpa. It was really cool taking Carson to his first game to see my favorite teams, they were playing the Diamondbacks (in case you were wondering, the Braves whipped the D-Backs).

The Hallowed Ground of Turner Field

Sweatin' Out the Game

Die Hard Fan In The Making

While GiGi and Grandpa were with us we went Geo-caching with Grandpa. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's like a high tech game of hide and seek. People go and hide their "cache" somewhere and give you the latitude and longitude and you go try and find it using a GPS unit. My dad is into that and it is really fun. Carson called it hunting for treasure, so if what I said above doesn't make sense, think of it as hunting for treasure!

Carson & Grandpa Gerber Hunting For "Treasure"

Well, that's about it for now I guess. Next stop AZ and then onto Utah with my family!!!!! I haven't seen a picture of Daneen since they left so I'm excited to see how she and the baby "seven" look. She is like 24wks pregnant now! Wow! Can't wait to give her and the little guy a great big squeeze!!!! I know, I sound pathetic but you know what? I don't Care!!!! :)