Monday, July 30, 2007

"Can I just tell you"

O.k., so can I just tell you one of my pet peeves is people who are cellphone-drive-and-talks and most of all cellphone-drive-and-texts. Now, by all means I am guilty of this, but hate doing it. And from time to time I do find it necessary. But while Paul and I were down in Atlanta driving on the freeway, we passed this lady who was holding an open Sharpie in one hand and trying to read a Blackberry in the other while stearing with her wrists. Paul:"O.M.G" Daneen: "Ya, thats gotta be safe". We hurried and pasted the lady. We didn't want to have to stop if there was an accident.J/K But seriously, I'm really craving some monkey bread right now.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Last AZ Adventures

Ah, Lake Pleasant. Might not be so pleasant if you find a dead body. One of our last adventures or many occurring ones was going to the lake with my sister Deena and her family. She has jet skis. I was weary at first, of losing my life, but now I would actually think about owning some. They were a blast. I got to go four times while I was in AZ. Took Carson two of those times but he wasn't impressed as much as I was. But he liked to sit on the jet skis when they weren't moving.

Deena and Carson at 7:00a.m. Lake Pleasant

The funnest part is tipping over the jet ski especially if there are people with you. I tried wake boarding but wasn't successful unless you consider wake boarding under water good. Got a real good tan. The first time I went out there I got badly sunburned along with my nephews. "We were bakin like bacon" , sorry dumb joke. I polluted the air with my peeling skin for about 2 weeks. It was gross.

Me and Carson

The last lake trip was with my whole family even though not all attended. But still fun. I went with my brother David and his son Kaden. I love that I got to spend time with them. The day before we actually got to hang out with all of my brother's family. We swam in their pool and had a good dinner at their house. It was awesome. Here are some pics.

Our day with the Kennedy's

Carson looking as cute as ever!

Dave(brother-in-law) He is a cool guy.

David and Kaden snorkeling. Trying to find dead bodies.

Faith, Ashley, and K-man

Pool Party: We had a Birthday Bash, again, for everyones birthday in June, July and August. Happy Birthday All. Its a tradition we have.

Zack(Star of Waterworld II).

Brody doing a back flip

Kenny, hes going on a mission.

My sisters just chatting away.

David's notorious cannon ball.

I really do adore my family. I miss them. It was a great summer vacation.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Howdy! So Carson and I were lucky enough to be out west the same time my mom's family reunion was. We weren't gonna go but my lovely sister Diane convinced me that it would be a shame if I missed it. Overall I think she was right.

Funny Story: One afternoon around lunch time the "Ranch" (location of the reunion) decided to serve PB&J, Tomato and Tuna Fish Sandwiches. Now for most people this would be an acceptable lunch. My poor niece came up to me with her tomato sandwich, with french fries on the side, and said "I hate tomatoes but I think I'm hungry enough I might eat this." I, being the loving aunt that I am, told her to put it in the trash and her, Carson and I headed for the nearest restaurant. Now this town had two places to eat so we didn't have a lot of choices. But we found a nice burger joint up the road. It was a big restaurant. It could seat maybe 20 people. Well, we made ourselves comfortable and ordered our food. No more than 5 min. later we watch my sister Diane and her husband Scott and Little Claire (2yr), pull up to the same place we were eating at. And 1 min after that my other sister pulls up with her husband and MY PARENTS, whose car I had taken with out asking. When they pull up my father said "Hey, that looks like my car." Surprise! Everyone from my family had the same idea. Let me note that before everyone pulled up I had just got done telling my niece, Lauren, that Diane would be freakin out about the Mercury in the Tuna and my other sister Donna about the bread being white. Right when everyone sat down,
Diane says "I can't believed you left without telling us at least I went to look for you"
Me: "We weren't impressed with the food selection and obviously all of you weren't either" Diane : "The tuna probably has mercury in it"
Meanwhile Donna is in the corner ordering and says: "Do yo have whole wheat buns cause if you don't I've brought my own is that O.K.?
To say the least I know my sisters. And... Who ever said we were picky eaters is Crazy!

Carson and his "Best Friend/Girlfriend" Lauren(my Niece)
He actually told me I couldn't be his best friend cuz Lauren is.

The Rodeo We had a family rodeo during the reunion and it was fun. Although I volunteered for a position on my team that i never would have if i had known what it was. I was the laddle holder on horseback. Trying to bring back as much water as I could to fill my team's can. Can you say saddle sore.

Lauren pulling me on the horse.

My Nephew Bryce pulling my on the horse.

Bryce pulling me on the horse again.

It was a lovely experience. Don't worry more to come from the our adventures. (You've just been webbed!) :)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

I've got something

Hey everyone sorry I've been lazy about the trip blogging. Ive been sick. But Paul has been taking good care of me lately. I don't know what dieing feels like but i think this might of been close. I slept half the day and all of the night. But I'm still tired. Anyway, Feeling better now. I got to watch a movie in bed. Pride and Prejudice. If you haven't seen it then your missing out. Although I have to admit it is more of a chick flick. And the more you watch it the more you can understand what they are saying. Kinda like Pirates of the Carri bean. No one can really understand what they are saying but its still a cool movie. But hey, every time you watch it you hear something new.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Anyone Need a Traveling In-House Babysitter?

Paul had to live without me and Carson for a month because I accepted a babysitting gig all the way in AZ for my sister Donna, which only lasted 4 days but I extended it and stayed a while so that I could have fun with my five moms (my sisters). To make the long story short: everything melted and my skin turned to leather J/K. The big bonus was that I got to hang with my parents. SO thank you Donna for providing me with a chance to create some unforgettable memories. It will take a few days to blog about it all so just chill.

I stayed with my folks for a while. comment: They keep their thermostat at 80 DEGREES! But I enjoyed my moms healthy cooking and my dads routine of waking at five and finding something in the back yard that makes noise.

mom AND dad

Then I watched my enthusiastic nephews, and was gluten free for a day or two. Got to take Mikey to a swim meet. His team got second place on the relay. Brody mostly played and had fun with his friends. "its all about the friends."

Mikey: He's too cool!

Brody was bored to death.
Wondering what he was thinking.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

So I don't have anything really new to talk about. Daneen and Carson are still on vacation. I just thought I would add some more pics. Especially for those who haven't seen us (and when I say us I mean Carson) for a while. So enjoy! When the fam gets back we might have something more interesting to share.....

Carson and his buddy Austin just before we left Az

Carson at mom and dads graduation

Getting down with Grandma Cuca

Cruisin on the new bike!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Our Coming Out Party

Alrighty, as much as it pains me to do this, Daneen and I have decided to start a blog. Why? Well, that's a good question. The number one reason is probably because we are to busy, or maybe to lazy, to stay on top of staying in touch with family and friends. So, forgive me in advance if you don't like the whole blog scene but it's the easiest way to share pics of Carson! And for all you bloggers (Andrea), if you have any helpful hints I can take the constructive critisim. :) So let the picture posting begin!!

Carson & his hog

Carson's First T-Ball Practice

The little gardener