Wednesday, April 30, 2008


First off, this is what we saw in front of our (or my) favorite place to eat the other day.

notice anything weird?

Apparently you don't need to know how to spell to make the best Taco Bell food I've ever had. Let's just hope the person in charge of reading and interpreting the health code isn't the same person in charge of writing up the temporary closed signs........

Carson came home from school on Monday with this:

According to this sheet, he tripped over another student. According to Carson, that "other" student tripped him on purpose. I don't know if it was Emilio, Cornilio, Angel, or whoever but Carson was not happy about it.


For a while there he was acting like he was going to lose his arm. He is a very dramatic little guy. But of course, like all little boys, he now thinks it's cool that he is going to have a scar. I blame myself for that though. In my infinite parenting wisdom I thought if I showed him a couple of big scars on my leg and say they were cool he would stop crying about his battle wound. Oh well, nothing wrong with a sweet scar.

Finally, Carson has been playing T-Ball for the last three weeks. It is a city league and is a lot like the Smart Start T-Ball he was in last year in Blairsville. I myself am not to impressed with this one though. There are way too many kids compared to the number of coaches. And there are some kids that are just out there. I could go on for quite a while about what I've seen from some of these kids, like one little kid eating grass and another one hitting the coach and throwing his glove at her, but I wont..... :) Here are a couple of pics of our stud ball player. (sorry they aren't that great; took them with the cell phone). And no, he is not wearing a dress out there! It was the smallest shirt size they had.

yeah, he's the little guy on the mound....

rounding 3rd

Alrighty then, that's enough for now. Hopefully we will be doing a better job of staying on top of the blog thing. And yes, I will try again to get Daneen to do this next time. I'm a sucker I guess.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Has it Been a Month????

Wow, I can't believe that it has been a month since we posted something! You'd think we fell off the face of the earth or something. One of the reasons is that I was at training for two weeks in Columbus, OH last month. Daneen didn't really want to blog about how scared she was at home alone with Carson. So ha ha scary blogger stocker, tricked you!!! Daneen gets very ancy when I'm not here. I'm sure she checks that everything is locked at least ten, probably closer to a hundred, times before she goes to bed when I'm home, so I'm sure she wore the locks out a bit more when I was gone. To give you an idea of how worried she was that something was going to happen while I was gone, she actually had me call every morning to make sure that she had woke up every morning.......yeah, weird :). Here are a few pics that we took around Easter time and obviously failed to share. Better late than never right?

If Looks Could Kill.....

Bring On The Easter Eggs

There's The Happy Guy

Gotta Love the Dye!

The Mop Chop (he didn't even cry this time!)

Another good reason for our absence in the blog world was because Carson had spring break a couple weeks ago. I decided I needed to take that week off and that we were going to try and go do something fun. Well, trying to think of something fun at our house is a task all by itself. I don't know how many nights Daneen and I spent on the computer looking for something fun and inexpensive to do for a week. I think it wasn't until the Thursday before Carson had off that we finally decided what we were going to do. After considering Myrtle Beach, Six Flags, Charleston, and even Dolly wood (look it up on the web if you don't know what that is!), we decided that it would probably cost just as much, or less, to go visit my Grandma in Texas. So, we called Grandma on Thursday night and told her we were coming, double checked with my boss on Friday, and hit the road on Saturday morning. We left at 6:00am Georgia time and got to Grandmas at about 10:00pm Texas time. Let me just say, 17 hours in the car is a LONG TIME!!! Thank goodness we have been exposing Carson to long road trips all of his life and and a couple good long trips before he was actually born. He is an awesome traveler. We had a great time with Grandma. I think it's safe to say we all gained a few pounds eating some yummy home cooking. Since the whole trip was such short notice we really didn't have anything planned. We just hung out with Grandma and visited with relatives. It was great not having to worry about work. Before I lose you all again, here are some more pics.

Daneen's sister Diane lives like 45 minutes from my Grandma in Texas so we got to spend some time with her and her family while we were there too. The little cute blondie in the slide show is Claire, Diane's youngest. She came over to play while we were at Grandma's. She stayed with us for three weeks last summer and we all got attached to her. I thought she wouldn't remember me but apparently she has a picture of the three of us and she talks about us a lot. But instead of calling me daddy like she did last summer, she was stuck on calling me grandpa this time. It was pretty funny. She's got me wrapped around her little finger. She actually convinced me to go grocery shopping with just her and her mom. Go figure. And she was breaking my heart when we left their house. She wanted to come home with us and she was just crying and crying. If we weren't crammed full we probably would have brought her home with us.

Okay, that's enough for now. Daneen will have to fill in the rest of the gaps. She was actually suppose to be doing this post but decided she "doesn't want to blog" today. So After seeing Tausha and Sister Booth's comments from the old post I decided someone (me) should at least let folks know that we are alive and well. Hopefully I can get Daneen to put another funny post up or something, and some more pics.