Saturday, May 31, 2008


Well my birthday was awesome. Paul and Carson got me a cute Dora Card and presents inside a princess gift bag. I'm a cheesy person so I really loved it.

One of my most favorite things on my birthday is the phone calls. The ones where they are singing happy birthday to me. The best song of course is sung by my mom who pretty much makes up her own tune and different words. But the list went : Mom, Maria and Lynn, Diane, and Darlene. It totally made my day. Hopefully more people will call to sing happy birthday next year and the list will keep growing. Hint, Hint. I don't need presents.

Finally I'm in AZ. But I miss Paul something awful. He is the best. I love him so much. But i won't get to mushy. Carson was awesome on the plane except when we landed he hurled. I'm pretty sure he has motion sickness. its not to hot here yet. My parents look older but healthy. I was so excited to see them. my first stop though is my brothers house. I'm watching his kids while his wife (Jackie) is at girls camp. Carson is having a blast with his cousins. And I'm getting in some quality time with my bro.

Finally, i came to AZ with a surprise but SHH not all of my fam knows yet.

Its a girl and she is coming Oct. 31 I'm showing but could definetly pass as extra fat.
We are so excited especially Carson. He has been talking about a sibling for over a year and Paul and I longer than that.

That's about it. Hope you all are doing great! If your in the greater Phoenix area give me a call.


Friday, May 16, 2008

But I don't want to be 27!

Imagine me saying this like Jerry Seinfeld during the puffy shirt episode when Kramer tells him that he's gonna be a pirate. Jerry in a whining voice: "But I don't want to be a pirate." Well folks the inevitable keeps coming. One more year closer to 30. When I was 18 I couldn't even imagine myself being 30. Yes I know most of you are saying that 30 is young. And I'll probably feel that way when I'm 40 or 50. But for now I'm just a little depressed and here is why. I was at the dentist office about a month ago and the hygienist says "ya you look pretty young like your my age" (pray tell i ask myself what is her age) "like your 31" WHAT? There you have it. I look about 4 years older than I really am. So happy 32nd birthday next year. I'll let you know how my birthday went when I download my other pics.

Daneen Gerber May 14 2008 just turned 27 a.k.a 31