Monday, March 17, 2008

Funky Chicken

Gainesville Georgia is the Chicken Capital of the world or so it is posted all over. I have the delight of smelling something that i presume is chicken being processed when I drive Carson to School every morning. And no its not just one plant its Two. I get two good whiffs. A total of four for the whole trip. Eight during the day. I drive with my hand over my mouth while Carson is in the back saying "MMM smells like a Chicken Biscuit" And I have had the opportunity to drive next to or in close proximity of many foul smelling, probably disease infested, feces filled Chicken trucks. Warning: don't get too close to the truck you might get hit with chicken crap. Paul has actually witnessed a Chicken suicide. He was following one of these trucks and a Chicken

somehow managed to get loose. Well Mr. Chicken decided it would be better to die now then later. As he plunged for the ground, thinking I'd rather it be done this way, he landed and got ran over. Well I can't blame him. Today I was behind the chicken "transporter" and right there in one of the pens was a chicken dead on its back, feet sticking up in the air. And all of his buddies were nudging him hoping to revive him. So poor chicken My heart goes out to you and the family you never knew. After this experience and as a tribute to you, I'll eat more beef. I witnessed to much to turn back now.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

School Blues

A spot finally opened up at the preschool. SO Carson has been attending for about 4 weeks. I can tell that he likes it but is not enthused. This preschool doesn't even compare to the last one. His classroom is full and very diversified (and there is nothing wrong with that). His last preschool was nothing like that. They were needing students and he was getting a lot of attention and I had 30 min window of when I could drop him off and pick him up. Now I only have a fifteen minute window. You can't even come into the school before 7:45 but they lock down at 8. And after that you have to be buzzed in and explain yourself. It feels like a prison. School has definitely changed since I attended. There is always a line of parents and kids waiting to get in for drop off and pickup. And did I mention if you don't walk fast enough you get ran over. Anyway I only have to do it like two 1/2 more months.
And last I have the school blues because Carson is going to be attending school for 14 more years and hopefully 4 more after that for college. Its like he's starting a career. I only get to see him 3 months out of the year when he has nothing planned. I can't even believe it. I remember counting down the years I had left until I graduated high school. And that was in elementary. Once I got to junior high and they started mentioning college I stopped counting. Its seems to me there could be a more efficient way to get all the schooling in faster. But I don't have any brilliant ideas but if you do please share.