Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Keep Up Gerbers!

So things that we missed to share with you. Carson had an awesome birthday. Well how much fun can you have with just your parents? We took him to Chucky Cheese and bought him two Wii games amongst other things. Do we spoil this kid or what? We probably need to lay off the spoiling or else when we have this other child were gonna go broke. But he loved his presents and everything. Paul really likes playing Carsons Wii games to.

On another note we've been skeptical about our baby really being a girl. How could we get this lucky, right? Well when we got back from AZ Paul and I had been having doubts that our baby was really a girl. But at my last appt. they confirmed it. Relief, because I've been buying lots of girl things. Names. An argument that we have with Carson. Yes I said Carson. If we don't name this baby Sydney then we will have one disappointed boy on our hands. We like the name we are the ones who came up with it but we are open to other options. We want to see what she looks like before we name her. I thought Daneen was a great name but Paul is not having it. To confusing I guess. He's probably right.

Anniversary. So we didn't really celebrate our Anniversary. Which I think was o.k. this year due to the fact that Paul bought me a new bed. King sized. Now we can go all night without saying "scoot over" or "Honey your touching me and its making me hot" Don't take the last one the wrong way. Paul is really like a furnace. Its like sleeping by an oven. But our bed is one that your not suppose to feel the other person move. Its a Simmons. Which comes in handy for Paul because I get up a lot to go to the bathroom. We love it. I can tell this is definitely going to help our marriage. J/K

Vacation. We took another vacation. Well me and Carson did. Paul had to head to Kentucky for two weeks on a work detail so we went with him. We stayed at a State Park Lodge. It reminded my of the place in "Dirty Dancing" because they have activities during the day and we were right on the lake. It was awesome. Carson and I played all day while Paul went to work. Overall we all had fun. We went to see buffalo and other nature places on the weekend. We got pictures of this vacation but not of our anniversary or Carson's birthday. We are lazy.

I love how Paul tries to quote the native Americans in the movie "Dances with Wolves" any time we talk about buffalo. If you can see the baby behind the mom. It was trying to feed and the way it was tugging on its mom's utters made me not want to breast feed.

Carson and I taking a picture by a turkey. We'll see him at Thanksgiving.

The view of the lake at the lodge.

Doing Paul's ultimate favorite thing. Cane pole fishing.