Monday, November 7, 2011

Last Month In Pictures!

So the last month blew by pretty dang fast. Rather than bore you with details here are some pictures of the highlights. Enjoy!

Sydney turned 3. Here's her "Cake".

Loving her Presents!

Her Pretty New Dress.
When she saw her new shoes she said "Oh my gosh! I love them!".
It was funny

Her favorite gift from her buddy Mikayla!

Took My Gun On A Two Day Walk (AKA Unsuccessful Hunting)

Carved a Pumpkin. Daneen thinks it resembles me and my mad face......hmmmm

Halloween Night (If you can't tell, Syd is scared to death of her brother)

Carson The Skeleton

Syd the Princess Ballerina...or something like that

The Loot!


Andrea said...

Have I told you that I miss you guys lately? Because I do. I wish we were having Thanksgiving together and Daneen was making the mashed potatoes. And we were taking turns watching each other's kids so we could go to Breaking Dawn.