Sunday, January 9, 2011


2011...barf. The year I turn 30. I can't believe its here. I was suppose to be done having kids and already written my first novel by now. Well that ship has sailed. And no I am not pregnant. Apparently we are destined to have our kids decades apart. J/K Syd is a maniac. Carson is Mr. Smarty Pants. Paul is Awesome and I'm the Most Awesome.

So Christmas afternoon we packed up our bags and headed down to the desert(AZ) to a family reunion. Little did we know what was coming. We decided to try a new route and at Twin Falls went south through Nevada. Our car started acting up and we weren't sure what to do. At Wells (aka middle of nowhere) we filled up the car and said what the heck well just keep going. Twenty miles later the engine light came on and so we turned around and spent the night in Wells. The next day we traveled 50 miles west on I-80 to Elko, NV because it was the nearest bigger city. But not by much. Stopped at a few car places to see if they could do diagnostics. NO LUCK. Stopped at the park popped the hood and tried to look like we knew what we were doing looking under the hood. I wiggle a few things. Paul touched a few things. Got pack in the car and it was running fine again. Hurray. Little did we know is wasn't us but prayers were answered on our behalf. Got to Las Vegas that night and stayed in our most beloved hotel, Holiday Inn Express, and woke up the next day and actually made it to AZ. Let me mention that our kids did so great during the trip. They are the best. And so is the DVD player.

We had a great turnout for our Brown Family reunion. By the way its a lot of work to put on a reunion. And I didn't even do as much as my sisters. And once again they proved how Awesome they truly are.

All Seven Sisters:

Can't forget my only brother. David.

Cousins: Zack,Kaden,Carson. Kaden is only 6 mo. older than Carson. Maybe I'm not feeding him enough?

Our imitation of our cousins who are really professional singers. They have a show in Branson, Missouri. They are called SIX. They are awesome. If you are ever there you should check them out. My brother introduced us and Jackie was the choreographer. AHH reunion talent shows.


Destiny Stonehouse said...

Hilarious! Loved your skit :)