Monday, January 17, 2011

That's Right, Three In A Row!!

So not to many Gerber happenings this past week but we are still going to try and stick with our goal of blogging once a week. Everyone is trying to get over a cold or avoiding getting a cold. We really enjoyed a lazy three day weekend. Daneen and I went on a date on Saturday. We were going to go watch a movie but at the last second changed our minds and went bowling instead. It was pretty pathetic! Daneen felt like she pulled something in her leg after her first roll and when we were done my hand was killing me. What the heck! Isn't that stuff supposed to happen like ten or fifteen years down the road??? Shame on us for not being more active I guess. Maybe that's the wake up call we needed.......bowling injuries. We will see I guess.

Anyway, Here are some pictures from last weekend. We went and checked out a fish hatchery close by. It was pretty neat. They had some huge Steelhead in a stock pond that you could feed. The kids got a kick out of that. And we stopped by the fish window at McNary Dam. Didn't get to see anything cruise by that day though.

The Fish Hatchery

The Fish Window

That's it for now. Hopefully we will have something a bit more exciting to blog about next week...



andrea said...

Andrew and I are totally into Wii bowling right now and just last night we were saying, "When we go REAL bowling, we're really going to stink." I didn't think about injuries. Maybe we better stick with the wii.

Lora Jewett said...

The fish hatchery looks like fun but I couldn't see the fish. Love to see your family pictures!

Paul & Daneen said...

So Andrea we went bowling again on Monday. When Carson heard we went on Saturday he really wanted to go. I actually did way better on Monday and I'm not even hurting. Think I just needed to get out the cob webs or something.
Lora, I will have to take some fish pictures next time! hehe


Destiny Stonehouse said...

My work Christmas party was at the bowling alley and I thought "I'm pretty good at Wii bowling, I'll do good" (I even beat Mark over the summer, with a baby in my arms :)) BUT I DID HORRIBLE! I got a 53. So that should make you feel better :)