Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Blues

It seems that sometimes winter can get the best of us. Even me. I hate feeling angry and depressed just because the sun hasn't shined for one day. Despite it all there is no time to sit around and feel sorry for ourselves. To many family things and church activities get in the way.

Syd: Crazy and all up in my grill 24/7 it seems like. Talking way to much. Tries to discipline Paul and I. I think that is why she is so cute. To make up for the rest and still wanting us desire more children.

Carson:Knows everything apparently since we hear about it all the time. Mr. Smarty Pants. I think his school grades have gone to his head because he sure is confident. This is not always a good thing especially when we try to discipline.

Daneen: Gym hungry. I signed up for a 21 day trial for only $9. I will be sad when it is over. Its hard core budget year since we are planning our 10yr anniversary and a summer vacation. It is so nice to just go and do something by myself for myself.

Paul: Work goes well and its slow right now. Just went to the dentist. Only few cavities. Not to shabby for not going to the dentist for 2 years. Plays his beloved Call of Duty almost every night.
Since we are on the subject of video games here is a funny video that shows how I feel sometimes when he plays it. And no I don't like to play it with him and probably never will.


Diane said...

lol, we found that one too. You should totally have a... What's the name of that Wii dance game? Anyway, you should totally have a dance party with it ;) How many birds would we be killing here. Girls night, work out, and fun, the list could go on, no?

andrea said...

Good for you hitting the gym. What are you guys doing for you 10th? That video was funny. Except when she was licking the helmet. That was a little disturbing. Miss you!

Jenny said...

Not to take away your husband from you more, but Mike plays Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1 and would have fun playing online with Paul if he's interested. At least then you could call it socializing, right? :)

Paul & Daneen said...

So Jenny, what does Mike play Call of Duty on? XBox? PS3? I'm sure Paul is interested....hehe